wondering what the resulting water pressure would be like?

We have a small family farm with large garden areas in about 3 sections. We are on well water - it appears to be plenty of water and pressure.
Problem #1
While sections 1 and 2 are close enough water pressure from a normal hose is fine - section 3 is about 100-130 yards away and while we get ok pressure for the sprinklers they don't cover nearly as much area as those closer with better pressure. We are planning to expand beyond this also so even further away...
Problem #2 If we put a splitter on the main hose and try to run multiple sprinklers at once none really do well (#1 and #2 can be run together with adequate results) but trying to use a sprinkler in section 3 while another is running elsewhere (in another section or in section 3) really is close to not being worth using.
I am wondering if we connected some black 3/4" or 1" water tube (like used for the well) connected to the normal hose spigot and ran it mid way between section 1 and 3 - will this supply pressure more like those hoses closer to the living area?
The line would just lay above ground and be drained and stored during winter.
I am hoping to do the simplest method of boosting the pressure. Having to connect it directly into the pressure tank line would be irksome since we plane to disconnect this and store it during the winter.
Thanks Mike
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