what foundation type would be best for High water table and spongy clay soil

Building a beach front house facing the atlantic ocean how ever there is a
High water table and spongy clay soil - must determine foundation type whether
you should use raft or floating or Pile foundations, or Pier and Beam foundation
justify choice also give construction details please.
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Contact the county engineer office for requirements. In California, homes must be built on piers that contact bedrock. In some locations. Each area has its own peculiar problems and only the county engineers will know what you need.
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Liar! You would already know the answer, if you were building.
Wake up, and quit being a dreamer.
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What the fuck, Don? Why would you talk to a fellow human being that way? Maybe someone talked to you like that, and you accepted it because you had to believe it was okay in order to cope. If that is the case, whoever treated you that way was wrong, a you deserved better. Now that you know that, I hope you can find a kinder way to relate to strangers.
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