odd math question -how large is the circle?

Every cirlce has 360 degrees, regardless of size.
For this excercise, create a circle of a size of your choice.
Mark the points, 0 (zero) and 90 degrees.
How big is the circle if the distance between 89 degrres and 90 degrees is
12 inches?
What if that same distance were one mile?
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richard wrote in news:pxkqjtxqqpcx.p10ksvf95nft$. snipped-for-privacy@40tude.net:
Are you talking straight line distance, or distance along the arc? Distance along the arc is easy, just 360 times the arc length of 12" or 1 mile. Straight line distance is a little more complicated, but the same calculation can be used to get a close approximation, realizing that the actual value will be somewhat larger.
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