Turn off water to toilet

My toilet doesn't have a water valve on it.(If it does I don't see it)I
want to turn off the water so I can replace the internal parts in the
toilet because it's leaking inside.The only valve I see is under the
sink, and that only turns off the water to the sink.
I live in a condo, is there a way to turn off the water?
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Yeah, believe it or not, those stop valves you see at every fixture are NOT REQUIRED by code. Code only requires two shutoffs. One at the water heater; a second valve to kill the main water. You shoudl have a shutoff somehwhere in there..probaby in the utility room. If you live in a condo, ask your super. He should be able to help you. if you have no shutoff, while the water is off, go ahead and install one now. In fact, if you don't have shutoffs at every faucet/kitchen sink/toilet, install them now. They are EMERGENCY stops. You'll think you wasted your money installing those damn stops until one of those little stops makes the difference between a major flood vs. the small inconvenience of mopping.
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Is your condo relatively new, or is it an old building that's been converted? If you don't see a valve under the left corner of the toilet tank, you'll have to find the main valve that shuts off everything.
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