Re: *ping* ALL. Industrial WARNING PVC leak checking.

Your thoughts are, as always appreciated. In this particular case it wasn't a house. More of a large corporation and an international contractor with very well paid engineers who have far more resources than myself.. Since you've chosen to keep this local, I'll do the same. (I kinda lied)
I just like fixing broken things and putting the word out on things that can't be foreseen. It is the best guess at this time that the adhesives used the join the PVC weren't evacuated of explosive gases well enough before running the "Low Pressure" test. It is suspected that a static discharge ignited those gases inside the piping because that type of pressure is never used in leak checking PVC.
OSHA is all over this. Don't expect to see this in newspapers. Big business can quiet anything. Personally, I don't care. I pass on what can be fatal mistakes. As well as ways to avoid such freak accidents.
All I'm saying is that when a leak check is initially run, everybody leave the area for the first 5 minutes. EVERYBODY. When ANY line gets pressurized the first time... Step out of the room. I added the plumbing newsgroup back in. Sorry.
But, just do that. I don't *ping* all across groups for my health. My field involves finding out that this isn't on the net at the moment.
Therefore, it isn't common knowledge. I make that common.
TheNIGHTCRAWLER (A thing I do. Go break a cdrom and put a tornado wind behind it.)

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