Question - Expansion Tank on Hot Water Heater

I recently developed a pin hole on the top of my expansion tank at my hot water heater. I had a friend of the family come replace it. He put the new one on but
did not adjust the pre-charged pressure in the tank. Ever since then, I have noticed a notable increase in water pressure in my house. Both toilets actually refill approximately 5-7 seconds faster than before and seem to make a louder noise when shutting off. I can hear a noise in one bathroom as soon as the toilet is flushed that seems to be coming from the wall. I also notice the increased pressure in the sinks, but this is easily controlled becasue of the faucets. I did not have any of these issues before the expansion tank was replaced.
Could the change in pressure be the result of the new expansion tank pressure not being adjusted or am I just missing something? If it is, is this something that can be easily fixed? I obviously do not want to have any pipe issues if at all possible.
Thanks for any help or insights.
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