A better auger?

I'm trying to remedy foul smell in the shower stall which I suspect is a result of the drain being plugged by hair and such. So, I used an auger here - the one I used many times before elsewhere. It just does not go any further than 3-4 feet and stops dead. I tried pushing, bending the auger, anything I could (all the while rotating it of course) - no go. I'm afraid to simply drill through the PVC pipe by the metal spring of the auger so I've got to find a better solution than to simply force it in.
There is also a bathtub next to the shower stall. I guess there in a T in the drain that connects the two and the auger can't get past that T. Or maybe some other kind of a tight turn. I can't see - everything is walled off and tiled over.
So the question is: do they make a better auger or some kind of a tip for a regular one that would help navigating it through a tight turn or a T like that? Mine has just a bare 1/4" OD spring at the end (sharpened, too)
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