What is the best clear finish for a bamboo fence?

What about spar varnish or urethane or clear stains? UV protection, color retention and minimal maintenance are important.
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Nope, polyurethane and varnish will need to be completely stripped off and re-applied every 10-years and that's after re-coating every few years. Clear Stains don't seal the wood to stop decay, only Solid Stains do and they of course get rid of the wood's natural beauty. I learned on a single 2-car garage door, the hard way and finally found THE solution. - IF the fence has regular Sun exposure. I now only use One-Time Wood Protector (
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) due to it beating polyurethane and literally everything else in everyway. One-Time's very liquid so it goes a long way and goes on very easily and very quickly. It never needs nor can be stripped, just VERY quickly re-apply every 7-years and the container leftovers have an unlimited shelf-life.
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