I just prepped, and painted a new basement floor. Then I had a leak. Water stood on top of the paint and caused it to bubble in 2 areas.Help

I just cleaned a new concrete basement floor with TSP. I then etched it with Muriatic Acid. Then I painted it with Valspar Latex concrete floor paint, 2 thin coats, 24 hours apart. THEN I had a water leak, in which the water stood on the new paint for 10 hours or so causing the paint to bubble. How can I fix the sections of bubbling paint?
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It always happens that way. You'll have to scrape the bubbles away and re-paint the areas. Mask the areas off with painter's tape and apply 2-coats without adding to the unaffected surroundings, so you don't get build-up or obvious humps. Then, you may need to still do a 3rd coat over everything to re-establish a fully uniform orange peel and sheen finish.
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