My third coat of satin polyurthene set up with crackle and strange star like lines

I used foam brushes to apply first 2 couts of Satin Polyurethne went great - 3rd coat...right upon completion of application surface started to crackle and strange ridges and star like figures rose out of the finish- Never seen this reaction before, ridges look like molecular chemestry illustrations.....WHAT whent wrong????? I will have some serious sanding - Can I very carefully razor blade the risen lines and the use 600 wet/dry to smooth out the surface??? I want to go with Verathane and Natural Bristal brushes on the next coat as I have always had success with it - Only used the Poly to try for a softer sheen....wound up with a bizarre fine crackle, some smooth areas and these strange ridge lines that are helter skelter on the surface (6'x8'x3/4") plywood - The air temp was 75degrees - How long should I wait to start working on fixing problem? Any suggestions on what the heck went wrong? This is going to be a work table not a livingroom center piece - I take pride in my work....this has me baffled...HELP/Advice would be greatly apreciated, Thanks, Chris
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