I hate DIY with a passion !!

Hello Everyone
I am absolutely hopeless at household DIY !! Do you remember Frank Spencer in the comedy series Some Mothers Do 've 'Em? If so, then I can guarantee you that my DIY skills are not much better than his. I try to mend one thing and end up breaking half a dozen other things !
Anyway, I am just curious to know if anybody else has any similar experiences in performing general DIY tasks around the home? Or am I the worst DIYer in the World !!
Please share your experiences of the most common DIY jobs that you have to perform, the most awkward or difficult hand tools that you have used, the tools that you use the most in order to perform general DIY maintenance.
Any comments greatly appreciated.
P.S I have started this thread on a few DIY forums in order to get the maximum response. So, if you see the same thread on other sites then please dont shout at me !!
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It's the person and not any tools, parts or steps involved. I'm not trying to insult, I'm just saying you're Mechanically Inclined or you're not, period. I've known Architects, Engineers, Designers and a boat-load of Top of Their Class and Multi-Degreed people that can't do much of anything outside of working "their" kitchen appliances, "their" S.M.A.R.T.phones (S.M.A.R.T. doesn't mean what you think) and "their" Car's console. - I'm quite Mechanically Inclined and have always been good with my hands. I can even see and play with re-configuring pipes, wires, tools, engines, equipment and inventions in my mind's eye. BUT, I can't see numbers to do most any actual Math and forget about any Realistic or Scaled Artistic rendering of anything. That stuff just isn't there AT ALL for me.
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