Wiring question - 2 switches... 2 lights ... no ground?

I just purchased and installed 2 new light fixtures in our hallway.
There is a switch at each end of the hall and 2 lights at each end.
Either switch works both of the lights.
The previous light fixtures did not have the ground connected even
though the boxes have the wire. The old fixtures (circa 1976) do not
even have a ground wire. I went ahead and installed the new fixtures
without connecting the grounds, assuming that due to the hook-up it
was intentionally not connected. I turned it on and it works.... for
now. I would sure sleep a lot better if someone could confirm this
sounds like a reasonable set-up.
Gary G
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Gary G
They used to assume the screws holding the fixture was a ground. It just doesn't work when the screws are loose or the box is plastic. I would hook up the ground wire. Connect it to the box or the ground wire in the cable if the box is plastic
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I don't understand why you don't just hook up the ground wire from the fixture to the box. Are you uncertain whether your circuit/box is properly grounded? You could check it with one of those testers for plugs. Some fixtures don't require a ground wire because the frame of the fixture is grounded through the attachment screws. When ground wires are provided, I always hook them up.
I wouldn't be able to sleep, either. Years later this mistake could cost someone his life, and you don't want to be later implicated as a contributing cause. If you open a circuit and find something that doesn't meet current code, you need to upgrade it.
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Thanks for the input. Noone seems concerned that connecting the ground will cause any problems with the functioning of the circuit. I will go ahead and connect them.
Thanks, Gary
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Gary G

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