Whirlpool Catalyst Digital Washer Doesn't Start

Yes I checked the 120vac :)
This unit has a touch switch and microcomputer. When ON is pressed the washer works for a short time (10 seconds to a few minutes) and shuts off, just as if OFF was pressed.
I'm an experienced appliance and electronic repair technician. I walked through Problem A of the TECH SHEET troubleshooting guide (document part no. 377904-B). I check the ac voltages supplied by the Trans/Relay Assembly and performed the Microcomputer Test and Touch Switch Continuity Test. Both Problem A and the Microcomputer Test directed me to change out the microcomputer. The Microcomputer Test ran for a short time and then shut off, I tried this a few times and it shut off at different points in the test. I had to test the touch switch manually checking for continuity at P4 as each switch was depressed. The switch assembly looks good.
Assuming that you concur, the bottom line is that I need to replace the microcomputer PN 3407003 that costs >$150. I know that I'd have a fair shot at fixing it if I had the schematic but can't find it anywhere. I'll start by checking all the caps & resisters and may decide to change out some of the digital components, assuming that I can find them.
Feedback Welcomed!
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