Well water newbie!

Probably most wells are like that. Ours has no treatment whatsover and it's far superior to city water.
Floaties? We got no floaties. In many cities, you're more likely to get particulate crud from the city water system, not a well.
Until you get the results of the testing back, there's no justification in doing anything, except possibly a sediment filter.
The only time we had issues with sediment was immediately after the well was disturbed or plumbing done. Crudded up the inlet filters on the clothes washer. Took the filters out, and no problems since (same washer for 17 years).
The Culligan man will try to sell you everything they got, whether you need it or not. They're famous for that.
While you're waiting for the test results (post them here, there are a number of experts around, including some not trying to sell you anything ;-), assuage your concerns by using bottled water for drinking.

Tell her to use less soap. You need considerably less soap in soft water compared to hard.
Concerns about softened water damaging plumbing are somewhat unfounded. It only makes much of a difference if the water is highly acidic, or the plumbing is already seriously compromised (unlikely in a house as young as yours seems to be). There are areas in the US where ground water is rough on copper (over decades-long timeframes), you can probably google for it and find out if it applies to you.
Another thing to do is check the inside of the toilet tank. If it has stains (particularly red stains), you have an iron/mineral issue, but unless it's really bad, you generally don't need to do anything about it.
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