VistaFlame Pellet stoves

Does anyone have one of these stoves or know someone who does? I was
wondering what kind of experiences anyone has had with these. They
look like a good buy but I havent seen or heard anything on them.
Thanks in advance.
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Don't have one, but several years ago, when there were more sold than anticipated, there was a pellet shortage. Price about doubled -- if people could get them at all. Now, with the price of fuel up, how far one is from a pellet producer matters even more. .
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i chose a woodstove. dirtier, more work but the fuel is still reasonably plentiful and when the power goes out, i still have heat.
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pellet stoves have an option of using a deep cycle battery for power , if electricity is not available
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They are just finishing my new house and it has a VistaFlame pellet stove. Since I have only tested it once, I don't have an opinion, except that unlike my old stove it has an automatic start which I like. VistaFlame is made by Enviro, so I went by the place that services them to see if they would be available when needed. They won't touch anything that doesn't say it is Enviro. When you open mine up, the label inside says Enviro, so maybe if I could replace the exterior VistaFlame plaque, they would condescend to work on it.
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I've had a Vistaflame VF100 since 2002 running a ton and a half of pellets through it a winter. No problems till this year when the exhaust blower started making a irritating high pitched wine. Having trouble getting information on a replacement. Other than that it can keep our downstairs warm all winter.
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