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Just another comment/suggestion; although the point should be obvious by now.
Many, even the cheapest electronic/digital meters are so sensitive that they will 'pick up' electrical voltage even from wires that are not connected or are broken off; (this can be due to 'induction' or 'capacitive coupling') to be technical about it!
These 'stray' voltages (or minivoltages) can appear significant if the disconnected/unused/broken wires are in fairly close proximity to working ones carrying electrcity!
Even touching ones finger to a sufficiently sensitive meter can cause it to pick up the slight voltages,due to the human body's proximity to electrical sources.
So users of such devices 'must' learn how to use them correctly. After all we wouldn't expect someone to not learn how to use a pair of scissors or a handsaw correctly?
To also explain; think how small electrical signals come through space and can be picked up by suitably sensitive receiver; your radio, even when traveling in a moving vehicle.
There is also a lot of electrical noise/energy radiated from the many devices that are used, some of which are just standing by waiting to trigger/activate something, some of which just inadvertently emit 'electrical noise'.
There is in fact, these days, virtually nowhere (unless in the middle of very remote area; and even then there may be radar pulses raining down from space vehicles/satellites etc.) that is 'electrically quiet'.
Electrical noise is another form of pollution (along with light pollution at night). And is quite a problem for radio astronomy.
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