Turned off main water valve, some water still running?

I turned off the main water valve outside the house to change the kitchen hot
water shut off vlave because it keeps dripping water. I relieved the pressure
by opening the water in the bathroom closest to the kitchen. When I removed
the valve hot (warm) water kept coming out. I put a bucket waiting for the
presure to finish but it would not stop. Tried to replace with the new one but
the water would not allow me to finish the job. had to put back the old one.
Water still drips slow but i am still confused on why the water keeps comimg
out after shuting off the city main valve.
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The vale is probably as old as your house. Seals erode over time. Very common with old valves, especially when little used.
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Ed Pawlowski
Typically there are more than one too,eg a stop valve under the sink. But if it's just a slow leak, he should be able to get it to stop by opening on e or more faucets at a lower level, eg sill cock for garden hose, water hea ter drain in basement, etc.
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1) Any water in the system that is above the valve you removed will run out by gravity. That means if you are on the ground floor, all the pipes on higher floors will drain. If the water heater is on the same floor as you, it will drain down to the level where you opened the line. Try shutting off the water heater valve and see if water runs for less time.
2) When you shut the city valve did the flow indicator on the meter completely stop?
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That's a good point, it might not be from the main valve. He could open a faucet at the high point and another one at the faucet he;s working on or below to drain it out. Usually thought that seems to stop on it's own in a short time, without all the water running out. Also, depending on what you're doing, eg replacing a cartridge, it may not matter if there is still a slow flow.
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Not an uncommon problem - try "cycling" the valve a few times. corrosion (bad) or sediment (not so bad) can prevent the valve from sealing. You may need to get the city to replace the valve if it is theirs
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Clare Snyder

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