Tuffshed And Venting

The garage is going up tomorrow. The cement slab was laid yesterday. I have met some of the workers and they are nice, hard-working guys. The construction just began last week. There is some flak from some neighbors. They sort of like to jibe in odd ways. One came over and said, What the hell is Rick doing now but that the noise didn't wake her up. Her construction project, adding a kitchen addition to the back of her house took 9 months and we never complained. Then, she put some sort of 30-foot trailer in her backyard to store forever. She told my husband that she'd shoot anyone who complained about it. The one next door is keeping her eye on us, I know. She had three large dogs and a dog run on the south side of my house where I can smell the poop. Recenty, a woman came over who'd rescued these dogs when they got loose and peeked in the dog run and said Wheow!! She had mentioned before that she could hear our tiny bird sing from her house. Then, the neighbor on the north side of our house had issues with moving one dumpster over to his side during just this construction (like, this will be done this week, it's not forever). We had two dumpsters behind our house for years and that's just how it goes. They can smell but no big deal.
Then you ask me why I don't live here, Honey, how come you don't move.
On The Road Again Bob Dylan
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