Troubleshooting Bathroom

T > OVERVIEW: T > Standard bathrooom configuration: overhead light and fan both operated T > by a standard light switch (2 switches: top switch for light, bottom T > switch for fan) that sits flush against the wall. T > T > PROBLEM: T > The fan works fine, but the overhead light does not work. It used to T > work for a awhile, but now never works.
The bottom switch (for the fan) may have failed or has a loose connection somewhere. Turn off appropriate circuit breaker before working on switch! (Turning the switch off shuts off power _from_ the switch, not _to_!)
T > ATTEMPTS: T > 1. I changed the light bulb ~ still no light T > 2. removed the entire light fixture, and tested it to see if it works T > ~ works fine.
?? Possibility the replacement bulb was bad. When you tested the light fixture did you use the same bulb? If so the bulb and fixture are good - the problem is before the light fixture connection - could be the wire nuts connection at the fixture or before, including bottom switch and whatever powers that switch.
T > 3. I reconnected the the connections from the light to the wires ~ T > still no light T > 4. I removed the light switch to check the wiring, but i'm not sure T > what's right and what's wrong: in short, there are 2 screws on each T > side of the switch; 2 red lines both connect to the bottom 2 screws, T > and 1 black line connects to the top screw on one side. I moved the T > bottom red wire to the top screw to test and see if the light worked, T > but still no light. I also checked to make sure the red line T > terminating with another wire (assuming it goes up to the light T > fixture) was well connected and there wasn't a problem.
Get a $10 voltmeter and will make troubleshooting easier -- won't have to move wires around. As you did move wires around be sure to move them back the way they were. It sounds like an open connection between the switch and light.
T > Does anyone have any insight to the problem, or have a suggestion of T > something else i can test?
Fuse/curcuit breaker --------->SW1------->Fan | |-SW2------->Light
I'm getting a bit confused on how your wiring is (not enough coffee yet! <g>) so took out the colour labels in the above diagram. Both switches have to have incoming power (left side). Is there a broken link on the 'left' side?
With the voltmeter would be relatively easy to test. The meter's common lead goes to ground. Ground is generally white but since no whites mentioned (normal not be there in a switch box) have to use an alternate -- the metal box may be grounded or use the cold water pipe. (Use pipe for test purposes only.)
Test each position. The 'left' side of both switches should always have power. The 'right' sides should not have power when the switch is off, should have power when on.
If the power at the (right) switch is OK then the problem is further on. Test at the light - at the wire nutted connection. If no power there the problem is between the switch and the test point.
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