Time to level the slab...

I'm looking for your trials and tribulations in having your slab adjusted. I bought this house in 2005 knowing that the levels were slightly off. I had a structural engineer take a look at it, and his levels showed the differences weren't greater than an inch at the extremes. We had the price reduced to cover the work that would eventually be necessary, since we couldn't get it done in advance. However, that was in the summer, and I suppose the clay has now expanded. At this point this year, it looks to be a bigger deal.
The garage appears to be lower than the rest of the house. I can see a noticeable grade change when I was using my levels to install a shelf in there. It looks like all the shelving from the prior owner were installed in this way. Above it is the master bedroom, which has creaky floors and some slope to it. The back sliding door has a skew to it; I have adjusted the rollers but it's not ideal. There are some cracks in the front masonry, but they were there when we got the home. There is some wear where walls meet, but it's not as horrible as I've seen on slab repair sites.
It looks like it's time now to put in the piers, not about 2010 when it looked like it would probably be due. So I'm thinking about time of year to do this, reasonable costs, what bullshit to expect, the truth behind the warranties, whether I'm looking at more trouble, you get the idea.
Also, recommendations for structural engineers/leveling specialists in the Austin, TX area would be appreciated.
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