termites (again) - application question

I had made an earlier post regarding termite treatment.
found some buggers in the soil near the window sill where the wings were found.
however, the termite company wants to treat the area there by drilling into the poured concrete foundation of the crawlspace, and injecting the Termidor -
dude insists he's done hundreds this way.
my problem with this is, what is the purpose of drilling a hole into the crawlspace ???? (you'd end up spraying the agent onto the interior of the crawlspace!).
the other possibility is he wants to drill into the space between the brick veneer and the wall.
problem there is, the wall between the brick veneer is CDX plyscore, covered with Tyvek .. and underneath the plyscore it's stuffed with fiberglass R-19 mats.
so does anyone else see a problem with punching a hole into a vapor barrier and injecting Termidor into fiberglass mats ??????
I am NOT going to allow it (compromise the integrity of the plyscore/Tyvek and leave a quarter sized hole there).
My idea was to use the "weep" hole in the brick veneer near the bottom of the window sill, to permit the applicator nozzle to spray in the space between the Tyvek and the rear of the brick veneer.
does anyone see anything wrong with this approach?
(this is all in addition to the customary trenching around the perimeter of the foundation and pouring the Termidor treatment into the soil).
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