Tappan oven igniter replacement

I have a 8-year-old Tappan range model number TGB500CGB1. The oven igniter or glow plug was only glowing red or orange, and it should glow WHITE. You know something is wrong when it takes over an hour to bake a batch of cookies. In an online search to order a new igniter, I found that the Tappan part number was 5303308452. The company later substituted igniter part number 31817710. That part (31817710) with shipping was $135. After doing some thinking (and taking a chance that it wouldn't work), I ordered a GE Genuine Renewal Part number WB2X9998 which was $12.95 and $6 shipping on a popular auction site. It came with 12 inch wires and two ceramic wire nuts, but no plastic plug. I snipped the wires with the plug end from the old igniter, stripped them, took the old cloth sheathing tubes and put them on the new wires, hooked them together onto the old plug, and it WORKED! My oven now ignites in 14 seconds. To secure the cloth sheathing into place, I wrapped the end of the sheathing furthest from the igniter together with electrical tape, and for good measure I wrapped the wire nut connections with electrical tape as well, which all tucked VERY nicely up behind a metal heat guard in the back of the broiler area. PROBLEM SOLVED; total savings= $116.05! I'm posting this because the original igniter is not worth $135. I will not take responsibility for injury or death or fire as a result of this post. However, I will never pay full price again, and feel confident that this will work safely and I will do this again in another 8 years if I have to.
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