soffit vent screen replacement

house in s.florida, roof ledge(also made of concrete/stucco over wiremesh) over the concrete block walls has these superfine metal screens and under the metal screen one can see (from looking up) the coarse metal wire frame which is stuccoed except the openings of the screens
over the years (house is 40+ years), these screens have collected debris from the attic and while I can point a blower nozzle at the screens, would like to consider cutting these out and replacing all of them but don't know the best method or materials needed.
is there some standard screen replacement material available at home depot or lowes?
is this simply a matter of taking my bosch metal cutting blade and removing old screens, section of the metal wireframe, vacuuming inside the hole and inserting a new matched-to-size metal screen (how is this attached?) or something else?
reason I ask is to improve the air flow from soffit vents into the attic, ridge mushroom turbines are in place there which would likely passively vent this space better if the soffits were breathing better?
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