Shower diverter "leaks" a little

I have tried THREE different diverters and they all have this problem.
Here's the configuration ... attached to the showerhead pipe, I have a "fork" attachment. The shower head is attached to one of the forked outputs and a flexible tube is attached to the other. That tube goes to a handheld sprayer.
Okay, so the "forked" attachment has two buttons in it. It looks just like this one ...
( product link shortened)79869288&sr=8-7
THe problem is, it leakes. When just using the main showerhead, with the value going to the handheld turned OFF, some water still dribbles out of the handheld.
And when I try to turn off the main showerhead and just divert it to the handhelf, the main head dribbles.
Now .. there are some diverters that don't have OFF/ON values for both tubes. That is, you can either use the main showerhead or the handheld, but not both.
I'm looking for one that has two values ... but doesn't leak.
I've also tried putting another value in tandem, attached right to the forked unit, with yet another off/on value there. And STILL it dribbles (out of the handheld).
I don't mind spending $40 or $50 if that's what it takes. I just want one that works.
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