Replacing carpet and doors

This may seem strange that I am confused about this, but hopefully someone can help me.
I am remodeling some bedrooms in my house. They are lined up in a hallway like this:
Bath Bed2 Bed3=================d1
(The "=" indicates the hall)
The hall, and Bedrooms 1 and 2, will be getting new carpet. Bedroom 3 already has acceptable carpet, so it will not be replaced at this time. I also want to install new prehung doors for all of the rooms (including the bathroom and Bedroom 3).
It seems like I have two options for the order of doing all of this: 1) Install all of the doors before the carpet team 2) Let the carpet team do its thing, then install the doors when I am ready
If I go with #1, I will have to order and install all of the doors at once. I'd rather wait and completely finish one room at time if I can.
If I go with #2, will this cause a problem with the carpet installation when I remove the existing doors/frames for each room and install the new doors? Do I need to let the sides of the new door jambs touch the slab (or get as close as possible)? Would I have to be concerned about the seam between the two carpet types between Bedroom 3 and the hall?
Thanks for any help anybody can provide.
-- david
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