replacing 12v halogen lights with LEDs

I have been having severe problems with 12v halogen "spot"lights.
My Satco strip seems to blow its internal mini-transformers behind the bulb about every other time the bulb blows. I also have an Ikea fitting suppor ting three 12v halogen bulbs on which the bulbs dont blow as often but the whole supporting transformer seems to blow every few years.
Much perceived wisdom online seems to date back a few years to the dawn of LED bulbs, when specs (heat? heat dissipation? colour temperature? lumens? current used? etc) were all over the place and I am wondering whether these have settled down yet so that I can just replace the halogens with LED bul bs using similar (or internally adjusted) current? Or does that still entai l only buying the most expensive, - eg Philips, - bulbs?
Or if the current or heat draw which causes the el-cheapo transformer in th e track lighting units and the Ikea unit to blow is substantially less for LED bulbs, can I render those transformers MORE reliable by putting LEDs in and adding (say) one or two bulbs to the Ikea unit to compensate for the l ower current draw?
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