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When I worked for an electrician (many years ago), I would have to go to Grainger to get stuff and would charge it to the business account.
Eventually I left that company and began working on my own, doing all types of home repair, and construction, I did not open an account with them, since most of my work was carpentry. But I did some electrical and plumbing, as well as other stuff like painting, floor tile, and some appliance and furnace repairs as well. Every so often I would need something from Grainger, (particularly motors for furnace blowers). They sold stuff to me with no problems. They did put me in their list, but I paid cash when I went there, so I never bothered with getting an account.
Companies that demand they will only sell to businesses are losing money. A sale is a sale.
I still recall when I was still in high school, I played with electronics all the time, and that was my hobby. I bought all my parts from a local electronics store. One day I went there and the name on the building had changed. I went to the counter, and the guy asked me what company I worked for. I told him I was just a hobbiest. He said he could not sell to me unless I worked for a company.
Fortunately another guy saw me, who had worked there for years, and knew I had been a regular customer. He came over by me, said that their company had been sold and was under a new name, and they only sold to companies now. He grabbed a sheet of paper, and said "what do you call your company? *Make something up*". I just gave him my first name with "radio and tv repair" after it. He wrote down my address and phone# and said "from now on, when you buy something, just tell them it's for (business name we made up).
After that I had no problem buying anything there....
There are always ways around these things. The guys at the counter dont care who shops there, it's just soem guy sitting in an office which has some important title on his door, which makes up these nonsense rules.
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the management of grainger are absolute total morons.
they turned off all the telephones in the branches, and made everyone call a phone center if you had any questions.
now if the question was do you have part number 4z536 in stock at my local branch, that was maginally ok. assuming the inventory was accurate. if the inventory was wrong you were screwed.....
customers would get really mad if they drove across town and found the inv entory was wrong, the item out of stock.
if you happened to be calling them to ask does the 4z536 motor have a mount ing stud on its corner.
hopeless with the customer asking the call center rep who had to put the qu estion in a email to the branch, who had to read the email and try to figur e out the question, then respond by email to the call center, who had to tr y to understand the response and call the customer back.
this suit idea never did work like call branch and ask. eventually they res tored some phones in the branches, but the damage was done. i heard it cost them 23% of their sales and they never got them back.
then the college suit crowd said we will cut inventory to the bone, all tha t money tierd up in inventory is a waste
with just one of most items in branches the customer might be able to buy o ne, but might get zero if someone else had already bought that only one in stock earlier in the day..
I used to buy cases of the 4z536 motors, but then had to order them and wai t.
service techs want to make one stop, get what they need and get out fast.
so the suits cut the number of branch workers to save bucks, making grange r the slow place to shop.
then the suits had a wonderful idea:(
no discounts on anything unless the customer is buying a minimu annual sale s of 6 grand or some such.
what the suits never realized. train the small businesses just strarting up to not buy at graiger. so when they get bigger they wouldnt know or care a bout grainger.
suits are still at it, closed my local convenient blawnox branch and dont e ven bothher notifying the customers who used that branch.
I rolled up one day and found the branch closed, the grainger signs gone, r eplaced by for lease signs.
the suits are still at it, shed all the long term knowledgablle employees, replace them with all young kids. thats not going to help sales either. i heard about this from a buddy who works for the post office.
post office got mad grainger lost more customers.
ften a old grainger empolyees often had the experience to help the custome r.
theres more but the grainger management must be a bunch of morons who know nothing
my current favorite is their owning zoro, a similiar company to grainger, a ll on line sells everything at 1/2 the price of grainger....
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