Remove mold and its smell BioZap

I am a user of BioZap, not its distributor. I post this message for those who want to find a natural product to get rid of moldy smell. I had a real bad mold problem this past summer when severe mold odor come out of all of the cold air return vents as well as heat registers of my house, upstairs as well as downstairs (later I found out there were two moldy sources, and they have been fixed). This problem caused us to have real bad respiratory problems. My nose run almost non stop as long as I was in the house. I searched everywhere for a simple product to combat mold in the duct system. None of them seem right, until finally I found BioZap. Its description seem to be too good to be true. But I gave the number of call anyway and consulted with the person who answered the phone. He told me that he used this product for his bathroom smell and it got rid of it within 6 days. So I brought one big jar of BioZap (tea tree oil with no other added odor) for around $50 to just give it a try. I placed the jar without its cover in my downstair cold air return duct. Its smell came out of my upstair heat register a few hours later. Not a particular fan of tea tree oil, I closed or sealed off all cold air return vents and heat registers for the next three days. Then I got curious, so I opened one heat register cover. To my surprise, I could not smell a thing. Then I opened more and more and found only faint smell of tea tree oil from some, otherwise nothing. Later I found out to get rid of moldy smell in small space that is hard to place the whole jar in, a few spoolful of BioZap smeared onto its inside wall would do the job also. You can find this product on Good luck. I will be very happy if it works for you.
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