refrigerator electric problem

We just received a used Amana refrigerator about 5-10 years old that was working fine prior to transporting it to our home. After moving, cleaning and plugging it in the lights turn on when we open the door, but as soon as we turn the dial to 'on' the breaker trips. We've let it sit 48 hours and still the same problem. It's plugged into a 20amp gfi circuit but we've tried it in other 20amp circuits. Same thing. We tested the cord and found very low resistance between ground and hot, and also between ground and neutral. When we pulled the back of the unit off and removed the cord, the same thing was found when testing from the refrigerator's ground to the hot wire attachment, so we assume the cord is fine and we messed something up internally during the move? Any thoughts about how to proceed from here would be very much appreciated.
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