Recommend a good greater Atlanta A/C repair company?

Inspector wrote:

As others have suggested, you can probably unclog this yourself.
3 summers ago I had a similar issue with a clog in the condensation pump. In my case, the A/C system was disabled due to the reservoir being full. Going forward, I've prevented this issue from recurring by pouring a quart of hot water mixed with 1 cup of bleach down the condensation PVC pipe. This eats the mold that grows in the pipe. I do this when the cooling season starts, before turing the A/C system on for the first time and again when I change the air filters during the cooling season. I pour 1/2 the mixture into the pipe, wait about a minute, then pour the other 1/2 so I don't over fill the reservoir. I do this for both the 1st and 2nd floor A/C units.
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