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First off I bought this house 2 years ago so im just trying to figure out what they did, none of this I did. I think they ran out of room in the main breaker when they finished the basement so they added the 2 15 and 30 2pole to the sub box then, cuase i can see where they had the a/c in the main panel then crossed it out and wrote SUB.
Yes there is 4 wires I just missed the white one. There is a Red, Black, White, and Ground going to the Subpanel.

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Yes I agree now that 10gauge wire, im planning on replacing the feed from the subpanel to the outside disconnect with #6 in conduit, sound right?

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Ok, So as i mentioned above I was wrong and I do have 4 wire #6 going 2' from the main to the subpanel, so if I run #6 from the (inside) subpanel to the (outside) disconnect (through the existing conduit) I should be fine right? I guess im not clear on the A/C, i will NOT be using the A/C at all, Im just using the existing subpanel/AC disconnect for my hot tub, in the spring I know I will need to replace the whole main panel and go from 100amp to 200amp service and then hoook back up the A/C.

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Yes I have pulled it off , they look like all one block, unless the screws on the ends of the 15 amps just unscrew and they come apart? Is this how it is? I am sending you the pics of it so you can see what I mean.
Yes the 30amp breakers are protecting the 10 gauge wire, but like I said I don't need the A/C until Summer anyways so I would like to just replace the 10 gauge wire with #6 THNN and pull out the 10gague from the disconnect and use the preexisitng A/C disconnect for the spa, it would be around 20' away from the spa and in viewable distance. So would I be able to increase the breaker size if I did what I explain here? Basiclly could I just pull out the whole subpanel and replace with a 240v 50amp GFCI breaker box kit for Hottubs that they sell at Lowes/Home Depot?

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This is where I would just use the GFCI box to replace the existing subpanel in the basement, the wire from the main will be #6 awg THNN all the way from the main box through the GFCI subpanel Through the exisitng A/C disconnect to the Spa, this ok?

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ok thats what i thought, so I would purchase 30' of 4 wire #6 THNN and then put it in rigid PVC from the disconnect to say 24' then the last 6' use you say sealtite? is that just another kind of PVC conduit? meaning it doesnt have the wire inside it, just a tube? Trying to figure out how I would put 2 different types of conduit together at the part where it goes from PVC to the sealtite? Can you elaborate?

How about now since I made those changes?

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which it is now, if i use the PVC and sealtite that you mentioned right?

similar. >This is because spa'swith lights need an insulated ground from the source of >power all the way tothe spa. Romex cable does not have an insulated ground. >So if any of thewire feeding any of your sub panels is out of conduit, or >does not have aninsulated ground, you cannot legally connect your spa to it.
Does this mean the inside 4wire #6 connecting the main to the subpanel has to be in conduit? Its in the dry basement???

no closer >than 10' to the spa.

What does this mean bonding reqirements? I have heard on different posts that you need the regular 120V GFI but why? Will a regular outside recepticle already out on the deck count? I think its already a GFI circuit.
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