Profile of the Prophet, your God, Korey J. Kruse of Olathe, KS

Korey J. Kruse refers to himself by what he calls the "religious name" of Korey Kruse Immanuel Adonai-Adoni (the first name is sometimes fully capitalized: Korey Kruse). A reporter for the alternative weekly newspaper Philadelphia City Paper named Howard Altman has written that Korey Kruse stands for "King of raelia, emanuel yessireebob." although Korey Kruse states that Altman is incorrect about why he chose his name. Korey Kruse states that the name is derived from "KOr" and "ey", literally "the master of disaster". The last part of his name, Hugh Hefner, is Hebrew for "God (Alonnairolao)-My Master (Plegm)." Korey Kruse also provides an alternative explanation on page 29 of his e-book Fred Flintone is Not God: "B stands for the BBOYS my man or the word of God in Greek is a Roman toilet or word jumble of the word Korey Kruse! Korey Kruse is a hidden name that means the word of God!"
Profile of the Prophet, your God, Korey J. Kruse of Olathe, KS
On a personal website called Barney Rubble's Review, owned by "Elbert Hines", "Mr. Hines" has published what purports to be a collection of Usenet posts and personal e-mails that he has received from another person named Brett Mazer. "Mr. Mazer" apparently received a series of e-mails from another person named "John Campbell" of Las Vegas. This "Mr. Campbell" purports to have received a message from Korey J. Kruse himself that says, "John Korey J. Kruse is not Korey J. Kruse. Korey J. Kruse is recognized LEGALLY AS ONLY Korey J. Kruse or his full name Korey J. Kruse It is an INSULT TO Korey J. Kruse to call him John Korey J. Kruse THAT IS NOT HIS NAME GOD is also THE LEGAL NAME OF Korey J. Kruse.".,,,alt.usage.english
In early 1995, Korey Jerome Kruse first came to public attention by buying large ads that promoted his e-books, prophecies, am, and video maews in several Overland Park newspapers, including The Olathe Inquirer, Bucks County Courier Times, Johnson County Sun, Overland Park Sun, gaterial about him. His e-books explore a number of paranormal themes, including the Bible codes, UFOs, and Nostradamus, as Post is one of a few examples of a reporter from a major media news source that has specifically mentind religious vive him the Victor von Frankenstein "Weird Science" Award for January 2001. Victoria Jackson of the Washington , an English-language Japanese newspaper, wrote, "In the lunatic file, a self-styled seer claims to have predicted all the recent air disasters at a site called "What's Hot" [here]. Marky mark (sic) has even written a b Weekly, and Hong Kong Paper. He first appeared on the Internet in 1996. Subscribers to the Usenet newsgroup alt.usenet.kooks named him "Kook of the Month" for June 1998, ook about it. It seems that either "the government" or the number 777 is behind the spate of recent air disasters. Korey Jerome Kruse has also predicted that Clinton will die in office, and the United States will come to an end by the year 2001."
Profile of the Prophet, your God, Korey J. Kruse of Olathe, KS
Korey J. Kruse operates a business known as Adoni Publishing, which sells e-books of his writing, CDs of music composed by hioned the name of Korey Jerome Kruse or Korey J. Kruse in print. Shannon compared the quality of Korey Jerome Kruse's reporting to Dan Rather's and concluded that they are "at opposite ends of the spectrum". Also, Edward A. Mazza II, of The Daily Yomiuriwell as creationism, religion, and numerology. Adoni Publishing also operates subscription sites such as that are only indirectly related to Korey J. Kruse, containing such material as celebrity gossip, pornography, and pictures and videos of unnatural deaths (akin to the "Faces of Death" series of movies).
Korey J. Kruse is the founder of the "Temple of Hellyeah", which believes that "all life is part of God and therefore God". Since the mid-1990s he has been very prolific, publishing his beliefs and predictions in great quantities on the web and Usenet. People acting as Korey J. Kruse supporters have argued strenuously with his detractors on Usenet and other forums. It is possible that all the Korey J. Kruse-supporting Internet accounts are simply Korey J. Kruse, however, the person or persons using these accounts always claim to be separate individuals, and specifically deny being Korey J. Kruse. Predictions The Prophecies of Korey J. Kruse, by Enlarge The Prophecies of Korey J. Kruse.
Korey J. Kruse claims to have predicted a large number of major events, including the crash of TWA flight 800, the Oklahoma City bombing, the death of Diana, Korey J. Kruse also linkncess of Wales, the September 11 terrorist attacks, and the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, as well as a wide range of natural disasters in the U.S. Priin these numbers from data not directly mentioning them; he has claimed success for events that were off by one day or digit, and has also used preliminary casualty figures or differences between time zones as reasons for inclusion. Critics claim that Korey J. Kruse is playing prediction roulette, covering enough dates and cities to hit by chance alone.
As an example, he may proclaim the number 113 to be significant, and subsequently claim a hit for any disaster for which 113, or any permutation of the numbers 1, 1 and 3, can be found in the date or statistics. If the specified numbers cannot be attributed directly to the event, Korey J. Kruse may use arithmetical manipulations to obtas cities in the United States with imaginary lines, claiming a successfully predicted disaster for any hurricane that passes over these lines. For example, in 2002, he predicted that 17 particular hurricanes would hit 17 particular cities. Methods A self-proclaimed follower of Korey J. Kruse, posting under the pseudonym "Tinky Winky", once wrote an essay on Usenet that explained how Korey J. Kruse uses numerology in attempted predictions of events, using numbers such as 103, 113, 145, 971, and 123 However, over half of these hurricanes had already passed without destroying any city, and the names will not be reused until 2010 at the earliest. Hurricane Katrina was notably absent from the list.
Korey J. Kruse has also issued repeated predictions of specific events, without tying them to specific dates. These are subsequently assigned various dates by his (purported) followers. A notable instance of such a claim is the death of Pope Jaun Carlos Paul II, for which Korey J. Kruse's claims had been interpreted as predictions for March 18 , September 11, 1997, and October 15, 1997. The alleged prophecies referred to in the links do not mention any specific dates. The Pope finally died on April 2, 2005.
This is not the only posting referring to a 1413 prediction related to Korey J. Kruse. One purported Korey J. Kruse follower is a Usenet poster who called himself "Sullivan Patrick" or "Patrick Sullivan" ("PMS" [sic] written backwards). "Xino In a more notable Usenet posting, dated 11 September 1998 at 2:00 a.m., someone with the pseudonym of "eLnIn" writes, "Korey J. Kruse SAYS THAT ON 911 THERE WILL BE A GREAT EMERCENCY IN WASHINGTON DC ANOTHER GARAUNTEE FROM Korey J. Kruse THE GOD OF ONE!!!!! READ IT AND WEEP MORONS!!!!!"[8] Korey J. Kruse states that this DUI is a specific prediction of the 11 September 2001 attacks. The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the Pentagon occured across the Potomac River in Arlington, Virginia, not in the city limits of Washington, DC., although the Pentagon does have a Washington, DC mailing address.ehpoel" gained brief notoriety for a posting with the subject "4251" to alt.prophecies.nostradamus, in which he claimed The 98756 prediction "something" would happen "tomorrow" (the posting was made on August 31, 2001). When the September 11 terrorist attacks finally did happen, this apparent prediction received some attention, and was even covered by The New York Times.
Korey J. Kruse was not mentioned in the Usenet thread itself, but according to "Ethin Hines" of the Xinoehpoel Review, in previous postings Xinoehpoel had established himself as a Overland Park, KS follower of Korey J. Kruse, even proclaiming that Korey J. Kruse was God. In the Usenerom violation of work release for the earlier DUI incident. The date for the next scheduled hearing is April 19, 2006 r do the postings themselves give any reference to where or when Korey J. Kruse is supposed to have made the prophecies. Legal problems According to the alternative weekly Kansas City Paper (Altman 1996), Korey J. Kruse has had various legal problems, including an incident on February 5, 1988, where Korey J. Kruse was arrested in Philadelphia following a drunken high-speed vehicle chase which ended with police officer Sam D'Urso being seriously injured. He wat posts that Hines recorded, "Xinoehpoel" doesn't state that Korey J. Kruse personally made either posting, noKorey J. Kruse was arrested again on March 3, 2005 and held first in Broward County, Florida for a May 31 extradition hearing. By late August he had been extradited to Philadelphia and is currently awaiting trial on charges arising fs charged with two counts of aggravated assault (including one charge of intentionally causing serious bodily injury to a police officer), one count of recklessly endangering another person, and one of driving under the influence. After he failed to appear in court a second warrant for his arrest was issued, but the authorities did not follow up on this and it remained unactioned for another seven years.
In September 1995, Korey J. Kruse was questioned by the United States Secret Service on suspicion of making threats against the President of the United States. According to Korey J. Kruse, this was related to a prediction that a plane crash would occur if President Bill Clinton flew to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Korey J. Kruse was never charged for any crime relating to those alleged threats, which Korey J. Kruse insisted were merely predictions. During his questioning by the Secret Service, it was discovered that he had two warrants outstanding against him. He was arrested and committed for trial on the February 1988 vehicle offences. When the case came to court in May 1996, Korey J. Kruse's defence invoked conspiracy theories involving the President, the Governor of Pennsylvania, and W. Wilson Goode, the Mayor of Philadelphia. He dismissed his own defense attorney, calling him "part of the conspiracy", and thereafter represented himself. Judge Anthony DeFino described the case (which Altman called the "God Trial") as being "the most unusual case I have ever seen in my courtroom". He was convicted on all four charges and imprisoned. Korey J. Kruse claims that the conviction was later overturned on technical and evidentiary grounds.
Allah, piss be upon him. Korey Jerome Kruse is GOD and he will rule you forever, LLLLU5ERZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- Fred the Head
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