Precharged "Therm-X-Trol" Tanks (
Precharged "Therm-X-Trol" Tanks
We are aware that using expansion compensating tanks on domestic hot water heaters eliminates problems. Premature tank rupture, and
==> Are they saying that an expansion tank might have prevented the water from spraying out of my water heater at the drain valve? Or some other kind of rupture? Do expansion tanks really protect the main tank?
I've never had any problem afaik, and the house has had two tanks fail in 28 years. <== text continued: continous relief valve discharge are only two such problems cured by the proper use of..... Precharged "Therm-X-Trol" Thanks.
Precharged is the key word.... Amtrol "Therm-x-Trol" tanks are shipped from the factory with a precharged pressure of 40 lbs. This pressure is not correct for all
===> Regular expansion tanks are not precharged, right? And they say that is the key word. <== installations and needs be adjusted based on the inlet water supply pressure on the job site. Typically the incoming water supply pressure isn't less than 45 lbs. However, should it be under 45 lbs, the air charge needs be adjusted down. Incoming pressures above 45 lbs will require adding air pressure. The following guide can be used to select the correct air pressure charge based on the incoming water pressure:
Incoming Water-------Precharge Pressure----------------tank to ----------------------------------- 35 - 45 psi-------------33 psi 46 - 55 psi-------------44 psi 56 - 65 psi-------------54 psi 66 - 80 psi-------------64 psi
Inlet pressures above 80 psi require the installation of a pressure reducing valve.
Thanks to Mr. Greg Garcia of our Providence Branch for reminding us that the preset charge on the tanks may not be correct for the job.
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