Pool Leak Detection

I posted about a pool leak problem previously and gotten some helpful advise. This is the continuation of that saga.
I have a courtyard home with an inground pool in the middle. By courtyard I mean all the rooms are located along the perimeter of the pool and therefore the pool is surrounded by a monolithic concrete slab foundation. There are two inlets in the pool, a bottom drain and a skimmer at the top.
I called a leak detection service out to locate the leak.
The skimmer and the bottom drain are separate PVC lines that emerged from the concrete foundation and joins up and go into the filter on the other side of the house. Each of the line has a shutoff valve.
The leak detection expert played with the pump filter and the valves he determined that the leak is not in the skimmer line but from the main drain. The skimmer line is getting the suction he said.
The main drain is sucking air and water.
Since the water leaks only to the skimmer lip level he determined the leak to be at where the main drain pipe comes vertically up to about six to eight inches from the top and turns a 90 degree elbow. A break there will establish a hydrostatic pressure to the same level in the pool.
But he was not able to tell me where exactly this elbow is.
He speculated it could be one of three spots where the main drain comes up. He suggested one spot is where they should start digging and he is "70%" sure it's the right place.
There is no way he can verify exactly where.
The problem is, all around my pool are brick paver 2" thick, sitting on a 4" thick reinforced concrete slab. He has to break the bricks then jackhammer the slab to open up an hole just to look. I am not comfortable with doing it this way.
I thought leak detection would pin point leaks, he said his job is to confirm leaks...to fix the leak is additional money, which I have no problem with. But I have a problem with opening holes in concrete when they are not sure where the leak is.
I can pay a plumber to come out to use a video camera to feed into the drain line and see where that elbow is, but that would be additional money, I thought the leak detection guy would do that but apparently not.
Any advise how to pin point the leak location?
Thanks for any advise,
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