Pool hose 1 1/2 inch diameter at 60 feet (or two smaller hoses linked together?)

On Thu, 30 Jun 2011 23:24:57 -0700, SF Man wrote:

Just for the record, this isn't a 'normal' pool.
It is not designed for a vacuum; so the retrofit is what was the thinking part.
The pool is designed to have two 2.2 horsepower pumps running for about 10 hours a day: one (unfiltered) is to stir the pool so that debris collects in the specially designed deep end; the other pump is to filter the water.
The first (unfiltered) cleaner pump simply operates the two skimmers and the cleaner jets. Strangely, there is no filtering (except for the filter baskets at the two skimmers and one at the pump).
The other (filter) pump, simply sucks the water out the bottom of the pool at the deep end; it collects the big stuff in the debris cannister, and sends the small stuff to the pool filter cartridge.
The ONLY place you can hook a vacuum up that is FILTERED is at the 2 inch opening of the debris cannister. So, that's where I put my 1.5 inch hose.
Unfortunately, since the pool isn't designed to use a vacuum, this debris cannister is situated at the deep end of the pool; so that's why 60 feet of hose is required.
Anyway, the compromise is that, instead of running the two ten-amp pumps for ten to twelve hours a day to clean the pool, I can clean the pool by running the two pumps half that time, and then spending ten to twnty minutes (mostly hooking and unhooking things up) vacuuming up any debris left over.
It works. If you know of a more elegant solution, I'm always listening.
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