placement for venting skylight above tub/shower

Upon my contractor's advice I purchased a 2 ' solar venting skylight to bring a shower/tub out of the gloom and eliminate the need for turning on the light on the eave side of a 3;12 pitch roof. Now that the ceiling is opened up I wish I had gone with a 3' instead, since the skylights installed along this similar roof border (East facing) in the kitchen, didn't give as much light as I thought. I wanted them lower to see the tree canopy and pleased with the result. But in the bathroom, which is gloomy now despite a window in the room, I could have this 2' skylight installed higher in the ceiling to allow more light, but would then give up looking up through the skylight (some tree fringed view of the sky) when showering. Also it is venting; The rising steam would probably be best above the shower head--or would it be best higher up (toward the entry side)? I have at least 4' to work with. Would it make a big difference? I planned to ask for much splaying but are the trade offs significant between orienting it higher for more light (and alignment with the doorway) vs diretly overhead for the view? If higher up on the wall light would also enter the sink area aligning with the open doorway, an alignment I like. I'm not sure if I can get another larger venting skylight in time, as we are in progress of having the roof redone.
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Without seeing it, I can't say. I would not sweat the venting part though. That's what bath fans are for. Wherever it is, if you open it, should be fine. And you might not want to open it when the shower is in use and it's cold outside. You'd probably get condensation up there. I assume it's going to be electric? Manual crank ones, IMO, are totally lame. If you think you want a bigger one, I'd just do it, not regret it later. Not a good idea scheduling the roof work before you know the skylight work is done. Maybe you can get the roofer to hold off until the skylight arrives. Oh, and IMO only skylights I would use are Velux.
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