Pipe to put tub spout on is too big

Hello. I need to replace my tub spout and bought a new one at a home
depot. The only ones I ever see at the store are to fit 1/2 inch
(around) pipes. Of course, when I take off my old spout, it seems
that the pipe is 1 inch or more around. Where can I get a spout to
fit this? I've looked on the internet and can't seem to find one. Is
there a way to put some type of converter on mine to convert it from 1
inch to 1/2 inch? Thanks.
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Pipe trade size is measured inside (roughly), not by the outside diameter.
1/2" trade size iron/brass pipe is .84" OD. 3/4" trade size is 1.05" OD. 1" trade size is 1.315" OD.
Tub spouts come in both 1/2" and 3/4" sizes. Many come with a bushing which allows use on either size pipe.
You'll have to determine if the length of the existing nipple will accomodate a std spout length.
Go here to see what's available:
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You'll have to learn a little about pipe and thread sizes. Many of the new spouts I've see in stores are threaded to mate with 3/4" male NPT threads, but have a 3/4" to 1/2" reducing bushing packed in the bag they come in, to permit their use on 1/2" male NPT threads. From the way you describe it I'd bet that pipe has 3/4" male NPT thread.
Wrap a strip of paper around the threaded portion of your tub's spout pipe, and mark where the end overlaps. Take that paper strip to HD or wherever and try it on known size male fittings there to see what pipe thread size you have. Then get someone there to sell you what you need.
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