paint remover from terracotta water fountain statue

my parents have a terracotta water fountain statue of an 18thC young boy & girl. it is about 3 feet high and about 3-4 feet in diameter. it was originally painted dark green shade to make it look weathered and old. I believe that how it was when they bought it. they decided 2 years ago to touch it up with a different green color and hired a guy to paint it. however, he used a wrong type of green (bright loud green) (I think he didn't do it right) and my mom didn't like it.
I was told that a paint stripper would do the job of removing the old paint to terracotta. spray the stripper at the statue, let it set and use jet spray to remove it completely.
would any paint stripper from Home Depot or Lowes do the trick? or do I need to get something better what the chains offer at least in the new orleans area if possible?
my parents picked up 2 different types of paint remover (liquid & paste) with varying results. the first liquid application via bottle spraying got some of the dark & light green paint off. 2nd paste application got most of the first layer of paint (bright loud green) off. did this one week apart.
suggestions anyone?
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