paint can labels

Many paint can labels list the ingredients, even including the CAS numbers. But they do not give percentages (either by volume or by weight).
On food labels, I believe it is required by law that ingredients be listed in descending order by percent. But paint is not food (unless you're in the fungus Kingdom) so I was wondering if there is a similar law, or perhaps just an industry-wide agreement, that paint contents are always listed in descending order by percent. Anybody know?
I'm looking at two paint can labels here. They're both exterior porch and floor satin latex. One is inexpensive and the other is quite a bit more pricey (twice the price).
Here are the two ingredient lists:
water titanium dioxide acrylic polymer quartz trimethylpentanediol isobutyrate cristobalite
water acrylic polymer nepheline syenite titanium dioxide 2-(2 butoxyethoxy) ethanol cristobalite
Is it obvious from the above which is the more expensive product?
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