Paging PopS (thread was telephone polarity)

.... : > Great Pyrenese are even better! : While I do like them, still prefer my Labs! .... Pop Wrote: "Smartest, most loyal dog I ever had was a Newfie/Lab mix; looked mostly like a large lab with with "funny" fur. Glad you're a fellow animal lover!
Best of luck with your system there.
I'd be curious to know what you plan to do ;-}. let 'er lie or what? Seriously, this thread's gotten pretty hard to read. If you're still looking for info it might be best to start over with a new quest. Just my opinion."
I completely agree about the new thread should further info be necessary. But...couldn't resist replying to your latest.
When my former Lab died, I did some research about breeds. Considered a Newfie until a knowledgeable dog lover/owner reminded me that they are 'huge' relative to my size and should be exercised. And then I saw a bit on (probably) Animal Planet and I think I recall them saying that Newfie's have to be urged to exercise.
Also considered a Chesepeake. But when I considered all the qualities, decided I was a Lab-person.
Rex was 'free to a good home'. The lady was more accustomed to small dogs. In fact, I am Rex's third owner and he was 2 when I got him. (he is now 5). He is physically much bigger than his predecessor even after giving him more exercise and putting him on a diet. The personalities are very different and I love him to pieces. Took some getting used to (him to me and me to him)
As to what I do next with the telephone wiring, I think the most I might do is flip the wall jack so it's pointing downwards. Oh, and tidy up the wire run since in some places I used duct tape just to hold it in place. Should my pal from the phone company ever show up...he can make more changes!! Don't plan on doing anything until it's broke!
Thanks again for all the info and for hanging in there with me.

Rex\'s Mom

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