OT - A Science Forum With A Twist

Their motto:
shittyaskscience: The same as askscience, but shittier
Sample Q&A's:
============ Q: If you drink half of a 5-Hour energy shot, do you get 2.5 hours of energy, or half-assed energy for 5 hours?
A: Just be careful not to drink five 5 hour energy's in a single day.
Follow-up Response:
Yeah, that extra hour of energy will kill you. It is possible to drink 4.8 5 hour energy's in a day and survive, but it's risky if you accidentally drink more than exactly .8 of the last one.
============ Q: If opposites attract why hasn't the north and south pole crushed the earth?
A: They're really attracted to each other, but fated to never meet. Tragic, really.
A: Does this mean bipolar people have a crush on themselves?
============ I'm guessing that some of us from a.h.r could come up with some *really* shitty answers.
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