old patio door frame adjustiment

Have several old Smith-Cary single pane, aluminum patio doors. Having adjustment problems with a couple of them. Have done the normal roller height adjustment in past, so know a little about that. These are doors where the slider is in the outside track (yes, yuck, but am not going to replace).
Problem 1: Noticed a couple of years after the glass in the fixed section was replaced that it seems to "settle" into a spot in the bottom track that causes the sliding door section to go off track as it is opened. If I gently pry/push the fixed section towards the interior, I can get the sliding section to work very well. But it doesn't take very long before it "walks" out again. Question is: how is the fixed portion "fixed"? Is it on rollers which should be adjusted to they don't roll? Is there a screw to "anchor" it to the bottom track?
Problem 2: How should the side frame be attached to the top & bottom parts of the frame? Someone had attempted to break-in & slightly bent the "middle side" of the sliding door frame and pulled out the screws. I was able to get it back together (and it works), but am uneasy that I may have missed connecting something. What I'm seeing is that the top of the side piece of the frame is simply screwed into a piece that fits/slides into a "cavity" in the end of the top piece of the frame. That "female" piece doesn't appear to be held in place by anything but friction. The bottom of the side frame is attached similarly - it screws into the roller mechanism that slides into the bottom frame. So it seems that the sides are effectively screwed into horizontally "floating" pieces in the top & bottom that are just "in place" by gravity & friction. Guess I expect something more permanently attached or screwed into the top & bottom frame pieces...
Thanks, Diane
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