oil spill on concrete, how to remove?

Had a recent motor oil quart slowly leek onto a ribbed concrete surface.
Not all of it leaked, but it left a slick about 2 feet in diameter. I
have tried to clean it up with materials I had on hand, mainly absorbing
as much as I could with potting soil and sand, then scrubbing the
remainder with Dawn dishwashing liquid solution, paper towels dipped
into that, and then I would scrub. Looks like I got most of it, but I
still see some remaining. Best way to remove that would be welcome.
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Dampen the concrete and sprinkle the stained area with powdered laundry detergent . Let it soak for a while then scrub with a stiff brush . Soak and scrub a couple of times then rinse .
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The key is... time.
What I've done is taken Tide Laundry powder (others would probably work as well, but that's what I had), wetted down the area, and sprinked the detergent into it.
I'll keep it dampish for a couple of days, and then when I wash it off (or ... if it rains.. ) 90 percent of the stain is gone.
Doing it a second time gets 90 percent of the remainder gone.
(Numbers for illustration).
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danny burstein
Kitty Litter. Sprinkle on the oil area and leave for a few days. It will absorbed the oil, then use soap to clean any residual, if any.
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I don't know much about Dawn, except they recommend it for grease, and it must be different from other "soaps" because when I've used it, it makes all the cuts on my hands sting, and nothing else ever did that.
A wire brush? Long enough to get to those ribs. Well, any brush is long enough for that. Maybe thin enough to get into little crevices? I got a stain on some non-smooth fabric seat cushion, and the fingernail brush with plastic bristles, with soap, didn't get it all clean. Next planned step is a brush with thin metal bristles for suede. I don't know if it will work.
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