NICE swivel aerator for the kitchen?

I'm trying to find a swiveling aerator that matches the style of my new kitchen faucet. It's a brushed-metal stainless steel unit with a very "clean" look. You can see it here: 05058SS
Mine is slightly different, the base unit is "featureless", lacking the visible rings at the top and bottom you can seen in that photo.
Anyway, I'd like to find a swivelling aerator that matches the overall look of the unit. The only one's I've found online are cheap PoS's that have chromed plastic over plastic. This is a typical example:
Does anyone know of something better looking?
I remember seeing another faucet that had an interesting solution to this problem. It looked like a single-piece aerator that someone had cut the metal away half way between the threaded end that attaches to the faucet (upper part) and the exit end (lower part). The resulting cutout was sinusoidal, so that when you tilted the lower part, the metal slid up into the matching cutout on the upper part. I seem to recall it was on a fairly well known brand - ringing any bells?
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