My whirlpool dryer timer never stops!

Hi all -
I have a Whirlpool Ultimate Care electric dryer (LEC 7858AQ0) - the other days I had to replace the door switch which was fried by something (scorch marks on it).
Anyway, now it seems to work again properly - ie, it won't start until the door is closed, it stops when you open the door, and all of the heat/cycles seem to function properly.
However, there seems to be something goofy with the timer. When the door is closed the timer is ticking all of the time. Doesn't matter if it's dialed to 50 minutes, heavy dry, fluff, OFF, etc - it still ticks unless I keep the door open.
When a load is dried and it reaches off, the timer continues ticking around the dial past timed dry, past fluff, past the various offs... it just keeps going (the dryer doesn't actually come on though).
Any idea what could be causing that behavior?
More importantly, is it dangerous to have it doing this, or will the timer just wear out prematurely due to it running all the time?
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