Ladies & Gentlemen - Today's Date Does Not Exist in Reality

Ladies & Gentlemen - Today's Date Does Not Exist in Reality. And neither does this posting.......
This posting is brought to you in True Living Color. Please stay tuned for select Home Repair advice, courtesy of Matthew R. Gypsy and Lawrence Hobo.
And now for a word from our sponsor, "Hole Deepoo".
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Lets get back to our program!
Are you tired of doing home repairs? If you answered YES to this question, we have a solution for you. Sell or demolish your home and buy a Tent.
Tents are the ultimate solution to putting an end to home repairs forever. Tents seldom require repairs, and when they do, you simply replace them.
Stop wasting your life being a slave to some house, when you can set up a tent in a half hour or less, and move whenever you want without weeks of preparation and hard labor. Just take your tent down, put it in your trunk and move a few blocks or a thousand miles. You can even move to another planet and still have your tent ready to move into in minutes. Your tent goes with you and you never have to deal with Realtors or building inspectors. Never again will your toilet overflow, or your electrical panel overload.
Tents come in all sizes, shapes and materials. Pick the one that suits your family needs and your pocketbook. Set it up, and you're home, in only an hour's time or less. It couldn't be easier....
We hope this posting sets you free from burdensome house chores and endless costly repairs. Buy a tent, and feel the freedom from home repair forever.....
Thanks for watching this posting. Our next posting is scheduled to reappear the next time your calendar reads February 29th. The topic will NOT be revealed until that date, unless we experience a leak in our infastructure, or our data becomes entangled in the web of life.
Matthew R. Gypsy and Lawrence Hobo
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