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I'm in the process of installing pergolas like this except 10' x 12' and in aluminum construction. I have a little problem in tying the steel base to the concrete slab as the manufacture only make provision for anchoring in dirt with four 12" long spikes for each base. Further the four holes in each base where the spikes goes are higher than my longest concrete screws could reach. I could cut and weld the base and provide brackets for the concrete screws - more work than I want to get into which could easily be done at the factory. There are no provision for leveling the bases so I need establish the highest point and adjust the height for the other three bases individually since the concrete slab is slopped for drainage. Once the base is solidly tied down the whole free standing structure could be moved to sway back and forth laterally with just one finger - there are no cross beams or stiffening support. Should be enough for strong winds just don't like the idea that is will sway that much. Anyone installed one of this and how did you tie the base to the concrete slab?
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