How can I tell whether speaker wire is 14 gauge?

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Undersized speaker wire can damage an amplifier. I also don't like getting cheated, and that's what this was. Open and outright fraud with 14GA marked clearly on cable that's nowhere near it. The differences in the wire's usefulness are detailed here:
2 ohms 4 ohms 8 ohms 18 Gauge 8 Feet 16 Feet 32 Feet 16 Gauge 12 Feet 24 Feet 48 Feet 14 Gauge 20 Feet 40 Feet 80 Feet*

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IIRC, Amazon didn't list the country of manufacture. My feeling is one way to keep jobs in the US is to have Customs seize all the wire in this seller's inventory as counterfeit. Then HE will have to look for a better product. Marking a product to make it look like another product of higher quality is counterfeiting. If the vendors of this Chinese junk took a hit in the wallet, maybe they'd think twice about selling it. Same it true if Amazon takes a hit for selling counterfeit and fraudlent junk that could damage someone's stereo system. Maybe if this vendor had to pay for anyone who blew out their stereo, they'd choose better suppliers.

I've had pretty good luck with Amazon, up until now and I am sure that they will make things right for *me* but I am concerned that they won't demand the seller stop selling the counterfeit items. That bothers me because the seller's response seems to indicate the knew about this issue and continued to list the item as 14GA because their supplier "demanded" it.

I've gotten seconds in the book department, FWIW. A book with miscut and folded over pages in the middle. My point is that if no one complains, nothing will get any better. That's why I want to make this an open and shut case that even a non-electrically inclined person can see is a cheat from the evidence I'm going to provide. Just having to take my time to create evidentiary photos puts me in the hole in terms of money and time expended vs. value, but I think it's important to stop idiots like this from selling 18GA wire as 14GA.

I don't deal with Ebay anymore because of the rampant fraud - batteries labeled at three times their actual capacity, items labeled as working that are DOA, etc. However, I got some awesome deals from Ebay like a powerchair for my dad that was 1/10 the cost of a new one and a van with a self-deploying wheelchair ramp. Ebay was also great for buying up multiples of things I depend on (used Nikon 950's and Panasonic voice recorders that have a control interface that surpasses anything else I've seen on the market). No one can beat Ebay for cheap flashlights of all kinds (flashlight junkie!), PCMCIA cards for older laptops, etc. It's when they decided to become a marketplace for ultra-cheap crap that they became unusable for me. Ebay showed not a whit of concern when I repeatedly pointed out their vendors were selling counterfeits. Their position was "if you got *your* money back, then what's the problem?"
-- Bobby G.
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