Hotpoint washer BWD129 won't finish cycle

I did a load of towels and had the machine set to hot water, no dry, and white cottons. The cycle appeared to complete fine, the door became unlocked, and I removed the towels and hung to dry.
I then put in a load of a couple of sweaters, set the temp to cold water, kept it on no drying, and set to delicate cycle. I closed the door and pressed start. When I came back into the room a few minutes later, I noticed that the washer appeared to be heating up and steaming, almost like I'd imagine if it were going into a drying cycle (even though there hadn't been one set).
In any case, I couldn't get the machine to stop, so I finally just shut off the power. The door eventually unlocked and there is a remaining pool of water inside the machine. I left it unplugged for several hours, hoping it would reset itself. Every time I plug it back in, the controls remain unresponsive, but it starts to heat up steam again. I finally thought it was just stuck in the middle of some cycle it thought it was going through, so I let this run for another 3 hours - no changes and the water remains.
Hotpoint's website says that the spin cycle won't engage if the container is unbalanced, so I put in some old towels and plugged it back in.. same results.
So my questions: (1) is there a way to hard-reset the machine? Unplugging for several hours doesn't appear to do it; (2) has anyone else experienced this? (3) Any guesses what might be wrong, or should I just call repair?
thanks in advance!
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