Hoover Steam Vac V2 Model F7225-900 continually dispenses clean water.

This is a brand new unit in-spite of the year it was manufactured. It was not used until I received it. Use the factory manual and followed all the set up and cleaning instructions. First 10 minutes of use it worked as designed. I noticed a trail of water behind the unit as I was drawing the machine backwards to dry. I lifted the unit and without the trigger to dispense the water was not engaged, the water was continually being dispensed. Took the handle apart and removed the micro switch that the trigger engages when pulled and it still dispensed the clean water. Looked at the pump in the lower part of the handle and has no mechanical issues that I can see. All the blogs and threads I have seen on line are stating a problem with no dispensing of water or no suction on the dry cycle or the brushes won't spin. All those items function on this unit. It just continually dispenses water. I used it on an area rug that is 5 feet wide and 8 feet long and it used 3 tanks of clean water. It did pick most of it up as I emptied the pickup tank twice. Anyone have a similar experience or know what could be the problem? Thank you.
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